The Worst Justice Systems in the World

  • criminal justice system plays a huge role in the society its main aim is to reduce crime by bringing offenders to justice
  • consequences of a bad justice system are severe criminals are free to do whatever they want and it encourages people to take things into their own hands
  • lawless places have poor life expectancy because of high violence rates and low quality of life


  • placed at bottom in all factors:
    • constraints on government powers,
    • open government,
    • order and security,
    • civil justice,
    • the absence of corruption,
    • fundamental rights,
    • regulatory enforcement,
    • criminal justice


  • the rule of law often circumvented
  • the system is weak and inefficient
  • corruption and lack of transparency as a constant problem


  • a lot of political insecurity since gaining independence from Britain
  • due to the political interference, there’s a high risk of corruption in the justice system


  • one of the worst countries for worker’s rights Pakistani workers face exclusion from labour laws and are threatened by arrest and violence
  • ranked low in the area of civil justice and regulatory enforcement


  • political elites constantly create the judicial system that furthers government’s agenda and betrays human rights and freedom


  • at the very bottom regarding fundamental human rights
  • very low in the Open Government factor measures whether or not basic laws and legal rights are publicised and to what extent the government provides this information


  • corruption present in almost every sphere
  • citizens rely on ‘street justice’ people don’t have confidence in the justice system


  • ranked the worst in the Open Government factor


  • police is notoriously known for being corrupt
  • there’s lack of access to justice and fair implementation of law
  • ranked the worst in the Absence of corruption factor


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